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Basic object-oriented compiler for Zilog Z80

The project was created to simplify FBASIC issues related to programming of embedded boards based on a microprocessor, such as the famous Zilog Z80. Normally the EPROM of these cards are programmed in Assembler or at best in the C language, thus making code development is a serious problem for newbies in programming. In addition, the implementation complex and not well-structured software, it creates a leavening unavoidable costs (external developers, seek times, etc. ..), poor maintenance of projects carried out and the consequent lengthening of delivery times for the realization and / or modification. E 'therefore requires a system for programming simple and structured, but that retains the compactness and speed of a code written in assembler / C., but which maintains the ease of use and maintenance of a high level language. FBASIC is all this and much more.

FBASIC2 is a suite of programming, ie an integrated environment that contains all the elements for Planning, Fill, Check, Archive, Linking and Transfer of EPROM software projects realized by you. It uses a friendly interface and powerful, fully customizable divided into two sectors: Text editor E 'in a text editor with all the commands for searching and replacing standard as well as an Intelligent AutoCase that allows a self-command recognition. Windows Control two windows are placed to the right of the text editor that can display a choice list of the assembler / LM generated, the declared variables or functions / component of the program. All windows are resizable and customizable by the user.

FILES The sources are saved in a standard ASCII format (eg as a . TXT ) to give the user the possibility to read and / or handle them with another editor . Is managed , in addition to the source file , a file that contains parallel configuration : . .Size Version information and notes / Offset EPROM used . Allocation Methods in RAM / ROM on the circuit, etc ... . Components connected to the program code generated can be saved in binary format , it can be done mixing ( MERGE ) with a binary file that already exists, and / or can be saved in Assembler ( . ASM) . The compiler Compiling the source is carried out basically in 3 phases: . First generation The compiler analyzes the source translating the program in Assembler Basic. . Through an algorithmic intelligent optimization , the assembler is evaluated "on the fly " and optimized according to the instructions of the microprocessor. . Link The last phase will take care to " Linking " , if it is necessary , the code generated by the LM components and programs defined BIN Direct.