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Suite of applications to support the manufacturing industry. Planning, Virtualization system, traceability and integration with existing applications.

Project created to Madi Ltd. in 1996 based on an idea by Ludovico Magni. Initially called Madi System and designed Easyhand platform Dos, was subsequently migrated to different platforms. He is currently developed for Windows 64bit and use as a database db2/AS400.

Resolve and address issues related to a manufacturing plant, in particular batch and the food industry. Plan the use of raw materials, batch management, production cycles, the calculation of the timing, optimization and control of the production, traceability, planning of chemical analyzes, the control of the BOM of products, methods of processing, production and control of incoming goods.

The special features that contraddistigue the project is the presence of a virtual system with the physical characteristics identical to the existing silos, hoppers, packaging of different sizes, ovens, sorters. For each object of the system are assigned timing, physical characteristics and production activities. Complete framework for planning a system of working hours. The model thus Costituto integrates with the BOM of the products made ​​in the most dynamic levels, defined during the production phase of opening of a cycle.

For over 15 years The genetics is to support the planning and control of production, prior to the Madi and then the MadiVentura. The program has grown over time by integrating with new technologies and new solutions. Each stage of production is assisted by genetics, and integrated with the management of IBM ACG. The genetics advisable to use as raw materials, it creates the ISO documentation, scheduling laboratory tests, reports acquires, manages the receipt of goods cards, monitors the progress of the production. So you get to control the layout of the central release sent to the printers.
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