Combine the art technology.

A winning combination in economic history, especially in the area of ??software.

The Ferr & agrave; It won a considerable slice of the market by offering software solutions created on extent .
Solve problems related to & rsquo; use of multiple new technologies & egrave; our mission.
Treating each project in detail, making it a truly unique, requires large investments in innovation and professional updates.

Many proprietary technologies allow us to manage content, & nbsp; multilingual translations, image processing and high volumes of traffic (Internet).
Through our ten years of experience we can to interface with virtually any system.

We have experienced the evolution of 'computer from the 80s to today.
systems and computers are changing, but the basic philosophy remains inviarata:
Creatives ;, Security, Compatibility & agrave ;, & Speed ??agrave ;, Reliability & Stability agrave ;, & agrave; are the cornerstones on which our work.

The Ferr & agrave; always try to have a relationship equidistant, rational and functional operating systems and platforms.
We believe that each of the products supplied by Microsoft, Apple or Linux have good things but also bad.

We choose so carefully, what software and hardware used only after careful control.
We develop our products in C / C ++ build each project with the same philosophy and structure established over time.
The 'homogeneity & agrave; our code ensures clients, brief interventions for health and longevity & agrave; in 'investment.
We minimize the use of third-party technologies, in order to be solely responsible in case of malfunction.

In this way we maintain and boast by decades maximum stability & agrave ;, & trasportabilit agrave; and compatibility & agrave;.

We the chiamamo: & quot; compatibility & agrave; with the future & quot;.

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